AI/ML solution based on proprietary audio and video recognition technology for global content monitoring (TV, radio, podcasts, streaming services)

How It Works

Using customized monitoring equipment, IPMonitor intercepts and thoroughly records broadcasts over various channels. A neural network then performs sophisticated analysis of these recordings to accomplish several objectives:

  • Identifying IP use cases for subsequent analysis of IPMonitor summary reports, royalty calculation and distribution via IPHub Pro
  • Gathering important information and building an analytics program on a customized IPMonitor dashboard
  • Evaluating the emotional tone of messages based on intelligent emotional analysis neurotechnology 
  • Analyzing key performance indicators, including audience metrics
  • Strategizing and evaluating the effectiveness of information and advertising campaigns
  • Studying consumer reactions to broadcast content.

IPMonitor offers real-time content analysis in three main areas:

  • Music content monitoring. Users can get summary reports detailing content usage and even supplemented with various metadata on request
  • Audio content analysis. Conversion of audio recordings into text, punctuation recovery, key object extraction, tonal analysis, segmentation of dialogs into speakers, classification by topics and plots. Reports are generated within 15 minutes of airing and include audience metrics
  • Video Content Analysis. Allows you to identify objects, faces, object details, actions performed by objects, and text in images.

Creative works in the public domain are used daily around the world through a variety of communication channels, including television, radio, podcasts, streaming platforms, etc. Access to consolidated IP usage reports is essential to ensure transparency in tracking content usage and the fair distribution of royalties. In addition to reporting, it is equally important for businesses and government entities to gain insight into the broader world information landscape. This data allows to identify misleading information, effectively adapt content for different target audiences, monitor the reputation of persons and brands, competently plan information and advertising campaigns, and analyze the reaction of content consumers. For all these purposes, services using artificial intelligence and ML technologies play an important role in monitoring TV, radio and Internet broadcasts.

IPMonitor in Facts and Numbers:

  • Unique algorithms. Recognition and analysis of audio and video content based on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Comprehensive approach to the collection and analysis of Big Data
  • Wide range of monitoring channels (TV, radio, streaming platforms, podcasts)
  • Coverage. State, regional, and local broadcasters
  • Real-time analyzed data uploads to system interface in just 15 minutes
  • Scalability with the expanding the list of tools for data analysis and deep customization to market needs
  • Broadcast monitoring on FM/DAB/DAB+/DVB-C(T)/SAT customized devices
  • >98% daily broadcast coverage, including television and radio 
  • >70% accurate content categorization using neural network algorithms
  • >75% recognition accuracy


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