Robotic smart solution to detect, track and claim cases of illegal use of music, videos, texts, images and trademarks on the Internet

IPAntipiracy Modules

IPAntipiracy consists of three modules that use AI/ML tools to find copies of illegally used content on the Internet:


Module 1: Search and Tracking

  • Monitoring of search engines, shopping sites, social networks, torrent trackers, file hosting and other Internet resources
  • Creating a database of detected illegally reproduced content
  • Generating detailed reports on the use of pirated content.

Module 2. Robotic claiming

  • Identifying owners of web resources where illegal content is detected.
  • Automatically send claims in the language of the recipient in accordance with DMCA standards.


Module 3. Advanced Reporting

  • Automate report consolidation for the rights holder.
  • Customizable dashboard and analytics on IP protection results

Internet piracy is the most common type of piracy today. With so much online, it's hard for authors to stop people using their work without permission. But there is hope! A company called IPCA has come up with a clever solution. We use AI/ML tools to find and stop illegally used material online with 99+% efficiency.

IPAntipiracy in Facts and Numbers:

  • The system works with all major types of content: video, music, e-books, audiobooks and other digital content
  • Less than 8 minutes to detect illegally used content
  • 99% of pirated copies of content are detected
  • >89% of illegally reproduced content is blocked.


IPCA's mission is to arm you to make money from IP creation and management with minimal effort on your part. We are actively working to establish universal standards, technologies and tools for the global IP market. We make creativity and innovation accessible, and the life of their creators and IP managers - easy and smooth.


You can have all the weapons you need. Now join the IPCA and create!