Attestation and deposit institution that confirms your authorship and guarantees the safety of your IP both before it is released to the public and throughout its life cycle

IPBank Modules

Module 1: IP Deposit for Authors and Rights Holders

  • Moderation of right holders (KYC) with online confirmation
  • Digital escrow of any kind of IP (replacing digital notary)


Module 2: Encryption, Digital Signature and Time Stamping

  • Encryption of an IP object when uploaded to a secure repository
  • Time stamp and digital signature in local authorized services for attestation and legal protection in courts of law
  • Time stamp in international blockchain services for cross-border IP rights transactions and for legal protection abroad


Module 3. Blockchain Entries

  • Recording transactions involving IP objects and rights in the Decentralized registry, guaranteeing transparency and security

IP protection is essential to safeguarding the creative and innovative assets of individuals, companies and businesses. Online depository services play an important role in the process of preliminary IP protection, as they allow to confirm authorship. It is the most advanced method of preliminary IP protection, allowing to attest authorship from the comfort of your own home. When you deposit your IP assets with IPBank, it attests your authorship and ownership by opening an account for you.

IPBank Benefits:

  • Worldwide authorized attestation of authorship. You can use IPBank certificates for transactions or to defend your rights in court
  • Reliable safeguarding of your IP assets. We ensure the safety and security of your data, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access or loss
  • Ease of use. IPBank is simple and easy to use. You can pay online, and if you have any questions, our support service is available 24/7
  • Convenient access. You can manage your IP online, without the need to visit official offices
  • Opportunities for professionals. Our services open new opportunities for professionals in the field of intellectual property rights protection, helping them to develop their business.


IPCA's mission is to arm you to make money from IP creation and management with minimal effort on your part. We are actively working to establish universal standards, technologies and tools for the global IP market. We make creativity and innovation accessible, and the life of their creators and IP managers - easy and smooth.


You can have all the weapons you need. Now join the IPCA and create!