Global music distribution on leading digital music stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, and more

Why IPDistribute?

Uploading music content to global streaming services through IPDistribute offers the following advantages to independent artists and labels:

  • Wide distribution reach
  • Global accessibility
  • Professional representation
  • Royalty collection
  • Synchronization opportunities
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Analytics and insights
  • Control and ownership
  • Consolidated reporting
  • No significant upfront costs

Music distributors' services offer song creators a streamlined way to share their music with a global audience while enjoying the benefits of wider reach, professional representation, royalty collection, and various promotional opportunities. For independent musicians and labels, using these services is a practical and cost-effective approach to distribute and promote their music on a global scale.

IPDistribute Benefits:

  • IPDistribute empowers copyright holders to monetize their creative output by distributing their IP to over 25 music stores worldwide
  • Within the user's personal account, the service provides comprehensive reports detailing content usage, including in-depth statistics on royalty accrual. Users also have access to tools for commission-free royalty withdrawal
  • Additionally, IPDistribute offers a range of supplementary services for musicians, including music promotion and initiatives aimed at enhancing content quality and increasing demand


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