Customized profiles for creative entrepreneurs: showcasing, uploading and sharing IP pools

IPHub Capabilities

IPHub is a profile designed for rights owners with a small number of intellectual property assets who do not need complex automation of management processes.

IPHub offers the following features:

  • Building an IP catalog with the ability to showcase a portfolio of works
  • Analytics on their assets, including information on objects, rights, valuation, turnover, etc.
  • Rights management of complex objects, such as video content and technical solutions
  • Access to data from collective rights management organizations, including statistics on the use of objects and the distribution of rights to specific rights owners.

A major challenge for all rights holders is to consolidate in one place all information about their IP and to manage these assets in a one-stop shop. To address these challenges, content&rights management systems are being used worldwide. IPHub allows rights holders to upload pools of IP assets, enrich them with metadata, and provides tools and services for efficient IP rights management, including IP showcasing and sharing.

IPHub Benefits:

  • IPHub serves as a gateway for users to access the IPCA ecosystem, offering a range of digital services, both internal and external, to facilitate the management of IP throughout its lifecycle. 
  • All data uploaded to the platform is protected and may remain closed to public access until authorship is formally confirmed via IPBank deposit.


IPCA's mission is to arm you to make money from IP creation and management with minimal effort on your part. We are actively working to establish universal standards, technologies and tools for the global IP market. We make creativity and innovation accessible, and the life of their creators and IP managers - easy and smooth.


You can have all the weapons you need. Now join the IPCA and create!