Decentralized registry

capturing critical information at all stages of the IP lifecycle

Decentralized registry

How It Works

Decentralized network connects significant stakeholders and aggregators of digitized intellectual property, including but not limited to:

  • Prominent scientific and educational institutions
  • Corporations and conglomerates, creative associations, music and video production organizations
  • Foundations engaged in the development of scientific, technical and innovative activities 
  • Collective rights management organizations
  • Public institutions and Regulatory authorities

Transparency of IP transactions can be optimally ensured by using decentralized registry technology. The value of each IP asset is determined by how intensively it is used and monetized, as well as through the reliable attestation of these transactions. Decentralized registry serves as the core of our ecosystem, seamlessly integrated with digital solutions designed to facilitate IP management by attesting all IP transactions at all stages of the IP lifecycle.

Facts and Numbers:

Every transaction is visible for all market participants 

  • 41 nodes in 8 countries 
  • 2,585,218 IP assets
  • 8,727,858 transactions
  • The network allows up to 200 transactions per second 
  • Horizontally and vertically scalable 
  • Ability to increase transaction rates up to 1,000 per second per channel.


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