IPHub Pro

Smart automated IP management system for high-level companies: content, copyrights, license agreements and royalties

IPHub Pro Modules

IPHub Pro offers three core modules designed to be customized and extended to meet business needs.

Module 1. Customer relations management 

  • Database of individual users and legal entities
  • User income accounting
  • User document flow automation
  • Contract management

Module 2. Rights and contract management 

  • Smart IP catalog management
  • Automated catalog uploads 
  • Detailed IP rights information 
  • Reports and analytics 


Module 3. Royalty collection and distribution automation 

  • User reports collection and processing 
  • Automated calculation of royalties by IP objects and shares 
  • Consolidated reporting of expenses and revenues 
  • Automated payment schedule 
  • Consolidated reporting and analytics 

When your business grows, so does the consumption of your company's operational, financial and human resources. Therefore, at this stage, you need to take care of automating all processes to avoid high operational costs and risks of human errors, as well as to speed up the processing of user requests.

IPHub Pro offers:

  • Flexibility, including cost and algorithm optimization for specific business processes

  • Technical tools for rapid deployment, automatic recognition of usage reports and, importantly, to support IP catalog migration

  • Modifications of modules at the customer's request

  • 24/7 customer support


IPCA's mission is to arm you to make money from IP creation and management with minimal effort on your part. We are actively working to establish universal standards, technologies and tools for the global IP market. We make creativity and innovation accessible, and the life of their creators and IP managers - easy and smooth.


You can have all the weapons you need. Now join the IPCA and create!