IPCA has been successfully developing intellectual rights management for more than fifteen years, runs collective management organizations around the world, and has large portfolios of IP rights in various areas.


We are leaders in creating digital ERP products and system solutions for IP management and IP rights protection, and are also a center of unique expertise and a provider of services developed based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data, as well as sensors, robotics, distributed systems and neurotechnology. 

We have experience drafting IP legislation and advising governments on creating breakthrough IP legal frameworks. 

Our team of over 500 highly qualified professionals with fundamental expertise in a wide range of technologies and unique market experience is passionate in developing and implementing services, ecosystems and platform solutions for the effective interaction of creators, right holders, individuals and legal entities working in the sphere of intellectual property.


Our solutions enable users to optimize operational costs, create a secure, transparent and easy-to-use IP management ecosystem, protect IP from illegal borrowing, commercialize IP and maximize licensing revenues.


IPCA's mission is to arm you to make money from IP creation and management with minimal effort on your part. We are actively working to establish universal standards, technologies and tools for the global IP market. We make creativity and innovation accessible, and the life of their creators and IP managers - easy and smooth.


You can have all the weapons you need. Now join the IPCA and create!