IPBank Dev

Customized solution for developers, designers and IT companies to protect source code and UX/UI mockups with version traceability

IPBank Dev Modules

Module 1: Search and Analysis

  • Search and identification of source code borrowed, calculation of the percentage of borrowings with references to sources
  • Automatic analysis of dependencies and tracking of licenses used in the project

Module 2. Digital deposit with version control

  • Quick and easy attestation of source code and UX/UI design authorship directly in the development environment using plugins
  • Encrypted code upload to a secure virtual repository with version control
  • Register transactions related to source code and UX/UI in the Decentralized registry, guaranteeing transparency and security
  • Providing digital signature and timestamp for legal protection in local or foreign courts.

Module 3: Legal Documentation

  • Automatic generation of all necessary software solution documents for development teams, both internal and external
  • Generating documents for software registration as company intangible assets.

Protecting source code and UX/UI is always a challenge because this type of intellectual property does not have a final version, it is constantly changing. However, all modern IP protection solutions deal only with the final result. In addition, source code often contains many code libraries with different licenses, which makes it difficult to determine the true owner of the code. IPBank Dev is a comprehensive solution for IT companies, developers and designers to manage IP to source code and UX/UI design.

IPBank Dev Benefits:

  • Solving all issues related to code protection: version tracking, IP rights attestation, checking programs for code borrowing, tracking licenses used on the Internet
  • Using plug-ins for quick escrow without leaving the usual development environment, such as JetBrains and Figma


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